Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007

demo used as infection vector

i have recieved information and proof that the absence of the visitors of the 24c3 during the demonstration was used to install backdoors on the computers in the hackcenter.

the proof is here:

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2007

danger incoming ddos

i have recieved confirmed information that fools are using the network at the 24c3 to hassel with the storm botnet guys (esp. thorsten holz).

you might need to hire the incredible chuck norris and bruce schneier to fix this.

contact the noc for further questions

Plasma Hottub at the BCC dome love lounge

Above "Saal 1" in the dome the people from the Lab placed a plasma Hottub for camera Nerd Games......


TESO reunited - Campaign against Hacker Law

Tomorrow (Day 3 of 24C3) at noon Team-TESO will reunite at 24C3 in the Lounge.

As a Campaign against the german "Hacker Law" §202c StGB they will realease ALL of thier juciy 0days at once when they reunite.

A few things you can expect:

* Windows Vista remote DOS.
* OpenBSD remote r00t
* Apache-SSL remote code execution

... and much much more.

BTW: Dear Congress Staff: put some Audio and Video Angels into the Lounge tomorrow at noon, to record this historical event.

RBN 0wner at 24C3

Our secret spanish espionage service, disclosed the identity of the man behind the Russian Business Network: Thorsten Holz

To Chuck Norris, he always was suspicious, because of his broad knowledge of BotNets.

But anyway Thorsten: good Job, keep the RBN running!

BTW, the only real elite info about Trojans, Bots and Virii was given at the VX talk by SkyOut

Sexism2.0 @ 24C3

During the Bundestrojan talk, FeFe did not only talk bad about haecksen in the CCC, but also touched Constanzes butt with his dirty lipowfat. After this incident Constanzes boyfriend (the famous "Angel of Death" aka. HonkHase) beated up FeFe.